Wossnames and word games 

Kingdoms and big flames

Lost puns and bird-names

Belching pyramids and large dames 


Spineless wizards and whatnot

Weary Death and a parrot

Feet with multiple luggage

and dragons used as carriage


These are a few of my favorite beings


Witches, moonshine and broom flights 

Ghosts pandering the limelight  

Erudite swinging Librarians 

And cruelly refined Patricians


Two-bit sorcerers with swords

Cowardly night guards and overlords  

Dark wands with no master or helm

Firing off wars throughout the realm


These are some of my favorite spins


Through space turtle-back they go

Watch them fly cower trumpet and crow! 

A brave new earth of old and yonder 

The Discworld lies flat asunder.


All hail the great Sir Terry

A Magician trafficking in vocabulary 

Edifying minute miniature deities 

Out of Man’s tragicomic idiosyncrasies


Make them dance 

Or make them sing 

Turn them on their head

And write a new thread


Intricacies of finely spun language 

Set the stage for Ankh Morpork’s garbage 

In wossnames and word play 

All is fair game, so they say.




In honor of Sir Terry, to some of Julie Andrew’s tune “These are a few of my favorite things”.



Painted memorial by Jim Vision and Dr. Zadok, East London.


August 20, 2020


August 23, 2020