A kiss a sigh

A galaxy of tears

It has been 12 years

And still I cannot say goodbye


You were everything I know

My compass my bow 

My refuge my biggest fears

My dearest of dears


You waited for the wintry sunlight

Soared into an ice-field of stars 

I lost track of your remains

Only to find them later again 


At the bottom of a paper bag.


I used to dream you were alive

I had been mistaken, it was all a lie

Intense relief pouring out to quell

This nightmare –  all was again well.


 In all of us you left a void

Upturned, uprooted from your soil

I hear your voice, I know your words

The dance of your hands the texture of your skin.


And still Mother asks, where you have been. 











August 19, 2020


August 22, 2020