You are like the morning mist
You seep in, curl & twist
Around my longing soul 
Filling up its empty bowl 

You are like the evening mist
You slither in so swift
And make my heart sing 
Then leave it to dangle on its string

The mist is dissipating, too soon
It is flying away, high around the moon
I am cast out, adrift 
Longing, longing for the mist 

I feel a change on the wind 
Winter is coming, it has seeped in
It is taking over, freezing all 
You are drifting away, away from the ball 

Mist is ethereal 
It cannot be caught 
I don’t even know 
If it exists only in my thoughts

Where the mist goes I want to follow 
My particles explode, I feel hollow
Again I am the puppet of the tide 
Of the moon’s magnetic pull inside

How do I not 
disintegrate ? 






Yamada Shokei, Dragon flying over Mount Fuji, 1894





September 27, 2021


November 13, 2021