The Rise of Wiggo: Tour History of Bradley Wiggins


My most popular and perhaps best cycling video. I started watching professional cycling about the same time Team Sky (now called Sky Pro Cycling) started up. I watched Bradley fail, then rise, then fall, only to rise again. His brilliant win of the Paris – Nice race in March 2012 inspired me to follow my own dreams no matter the set backs.

I made the video in the hope that people who did not follow cycling would see his struggle the way I saw it, be moved the way I was – and hopefully enjoy 8 minutes of brilliant cycling.

Here’s a blog devoted to Bradley Wiggins Videos.

Time 8:30


Fable – Howie Good


A tribute to my amazing brother, Lindsay, who died this year. This is the longer tribute I made for friends and family.

I made this abridged version for a poetry competition on Moving Poems - a fabulous website showcasing the best video poetry on the web. I received an honourable mention. See here.

See Howie Good’s blog here

Time  1:45


Waitress in Waiting


A woman confesses her fears.

This is one of the first poems I ever wrote and videos I ever made. It remains one of my favourites – beginner’s luck I guess.

Julia Effertz is the actress. Back then I didn’t believe in credits on films, it seemed like signing a toaster with the name of the of the worker who made it.  Now a couple of years and a couple of dozen videos later, I realise  that crediting the people who helped me is about the only thanks I can give them.

Time 1:06 min


Cycling Florida’s Coast 2012


Four of us cycled 164 miles from New Smyrna Beach to Stuart.  Then we headed south to the Everglades, Miami South Beach. Key West and Key Largo. The cycling surprised us all – there was more diversity and beauty in Florida than any of us expected. Cycling is definitely the best way to see the state. See our blog of the trip here: CycleNewSmyrnaBeachtoStuart

I love the song – so happy, so bright – so perfect for a fabulous cycle trip along the Florida coast. And it was free non-copyright music – I love that stuff! Music 4 Your Vids is a fabulous website set up by RickVanMan (YouTube nom de plume). His was the first site I found with available music and I still love using his stuff.

Time  3:13


Bellamy’s People – I’m Not a Racist

Time  :51

The poet vicar from BBC’s comedy sketch show Bellamy’s People considers racism.

More Bellamy’s People clips here.

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Cycle the Loire 2012


The thrills! The spills! Ten of us brave the wilds of France and spend a week cycling along the Loire river – chateaux, wine, food, beer – we were lucky to survive!

This video sums up the highlights of our cycle journey but I also wrote a daily blog during our cycle trip which you can see here.

Time  9:37


Hollie McNish – Touch


On my birthday I found this spoken word gem from Hollie McNish about turning off the techno porn for some real touching. 

Check out Hollie’s fabulous body of work on her YouTube page here.


Billy Collins – Anthology

Time  15:13

It is World Poetry Day, so to celebrate I’m putting up a wonderful, entertaining, touching 2012 TED presentation given by Billy Collins, ex-American Poet Laureate.

See another version of Billy’s popular poem The Dead here.

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