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Hi, I’m Vanessa.

Under the banner of Viral Verse I make all sorts of videos. The subjects are diverse but the thread that binds is my love for verse.

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A Mother’s Day Poem

Time  2:36

Scott’s mother Laurie who received a wonderful Mother’s Day him and asked me to turn it into a video poem as a surprise for her son.

 “I think it is AMAZING, and I can’t wait to share it with Scott.” ~ Laurie Tiemann


For Every Last Single Girl – Kate Byard


Poetry with attitude from Kate Byard on the streets of Oxford.

Thank you so much for filming, editing and uploading my poem! It’s looks brilliant! I hope to work with you in the future.” ~ Katy Byard

Time  2:56






Waitress in Waiting


A woman confesses her fears.

This is one of the first poems I ever wrote and videos I ever made. It remains one of my favourites – beginner’s luck I guess.

Julia Effertz is the actress. Back then I didn’t believe in credits on films, it seemed like signing a toaster with the name of the of the worker who made it.  Now a couple of years and a couple of dozen videos later, I realise  that crediting the people who helped me is about the only thanks I can give them.

Time 1:06 min


Slam Night Out at Hammer & Tongue


Elvis McGonagall, an award-winning Scottish poet, stand-up comedian and former poetry slam world champion, headlined Oxford’s Hammer & Tongue Poetry Slam in March 2010. Here are highlights of the show.

Here’s a link to more of my spoken word videos – including performances and interviews.

Time  3:24




Clearing Out the Fridge


Andrew Jenkins‘ poem about break ups, cheap wine and neighbourly distractions.

See more from Andrew Jenkins on his madly wonderful blog Leander 42.


Time  .38



Version Film Festival Manchester 2009


I was guest judge for the Poetry Film Competition at the Version Film Festival in Manchester 2009, sponsored by Comma Press, a small but feisty publishing company in the north of England. The video is a collection of conversations about poetry.

Mike Garry, a poet from Manchester, graced this video with an impromptu performance. Here is Mike Garry’s blog.

Time 5:28


The Three Tenors present Stage 3 of the Tirreno – Andriatico


I love pro-cycling. It totally inspires me. I know I should be doing more poetry videos, but then I see a fabulous race – maybe it’s  a brutal climb up a steep mountain or (as this video shows) a thrilling drag race finish, and I’m hunkering down making another cycling video.  At least they’re popular – unlike my poetry videos :)

Read more about and from one of the great stars of pro-cycling Peter Sagan on his Facebook page here.


Time  3:38


John Siddique – Cheap Moisturiser

Time  1:56

John Siddique’s moving poem about connecting with his mother was filmed for Oxfam’s Lifeline project.

I just got back from a visit home so this poem resonates.

More from John on his website here.

Oxfam Marylebone hosted a night of poetry readings. See the videos here.

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