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Under the banner of Viral Verse I make all sorts of videos. The subjects are diverse but the thread that binds is my love for verse.

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The Three Tenors present Stage 3 of the Tirreno – Andriatico


I love pro-cycling. It totally inspires me. I know I should be doing more poetry videos, but then I see a fabulous race – maybe it’s  a brutal climb up a steep mountain or (as this video shows) a thrilling drag race finish, and I’m hunkering down making another cycling video.  At least they’re popular – unlike my poetry videos :)

Read more about and from one of the great stars of pro-cycling Peter Sagan on his Facebook page here.


Time  3:38


John Siddique – Cheap Moisturiser

Time  1:56

John Siddique’s moving poem about connecting with his mother was filmed for Oxfam’s Lifeline project.

I just got back from a visit home so this poem resonates.

More from John on his website here.

Oxfam Marylebone hosted a night of poetry readings. See the videos here.

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Poetry on the Street

Time  1:57

Poetry on the Street in Kharkiv, Ukraine with Iryna Shuvalova.

I don’t understand Russian (or is it Ukrainian?) but I was captivated by this video – the impassioned poet shouting her truth ignored like street noise in a busy world.

See more from the fascinating project жінка Women 3000 here.

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Regine Deforges

Time 1:26

A romantic and insightful tribute (irregardless if you speak French) to editor and author Regine Deforges.

This clip is a trailer for Sasha Shagi’s film about the ‘high priestess of erotic French literature’ commissioned for Woman 3000. See the full 16 min version here.

See another wonderful film from Sasha Shagi Crocodiles in Tights here.

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Haiku by Ryokan

Time  2:02

A great example of how ‘video’ in video poetry can add unexpected depth to words and experience.

A  contributor at the Moving Poems Forum, poet Ren Powell, explained: “I really enjoyed the hyper-awareness of my own attention span – thinking how much I enjoy watching things in nature really and how little time I give to it… then the haiku makes me laugh – while I have been enjoying the view a thief has robbed me.”

More from Japanese poet Ryokan here.

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Muppet rap

Time  1:54

Bip Bippadotta and the Anything Muppets spit a rhyme.

Muppets tackle Bohemian Rhapsody here.

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Suicide Note

Time  1:23

Hunter’s poetic last note read by Nick Nolte for TV documentary Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film.

See the trailer here.

Hunter in his brilliance here.

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