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Hi, I’m Vanessa.

Under the banner of Viral Verse I make all sorts of videos. The subjects are diverse but the thread that binds is my love for verse.

The posts below are a selection of poetry videos from the web that I love.

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When I Am Dead, My Dearest

Time  1:08

Rossetti’s masterpiece recited by the sublime Brigitte Bordeau.

More poetry from Rossetti here.

More films films Iblamepoetry here.

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A Mother’s Day Poem

Time  2:36

Scott’s mother Laurie who received a wonderful Mother’s Day him and asked me to turn it into a video poem as a surprise for her son.

 “I think it is AMAZING, and I can’t wait to share it with Scott.” ~ Laurie Tiemann


I Hate Tennessee

Time  1:19

‘Found poetry’  – a piece of language when reframed becomes lyrical, poetic, greater than the sum of its words.

I first saw this video months ago, and lately I repeat its refrain when faced with any petty inconvenience or cold dinner.

Read brilliant found poetry from the mouth of Donald Rumsfeld (ex-Secretary of Defense under Bush) here.

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Todd Alcott – Television

Time  1:40

Film maker Beth Fulton uses Todd Alcott’s reading of his own poem, Television, to striking effect. Todd wrote the piece as a comission for a show on (surprise) television. He wondered if a TV could talk what would it say…

More from writer Todd on his blog here.

More from film maker Beth here.

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti – The Long Street

Time  3:34

Ferlinghetti’s poem of life’s journeys in weathered super 8mm colours by Paul May. Timeless.

In depth radio interview with Ferlinghetti from Democracy Now here.

Fantastic blog/podcast from Ferlinghetti’s bookshop in San Francisco, City Lights here.

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Shakespeare – Once More Onto the Breach

Time  .32

The best 30 seconds of Shakespeare on the web. Animation by Josh Webb.

If you’re daunted by Shakespeare, then catch a few moments of the Shakespeare Sessions, with the insightful and entertaining director John Barton here.

Film maker Josh and his wife Becca have fun blog here.

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The Gashlycrumb Tinies

Time  4:40

Bloody Brilliant!

Macabre poem by American Edward Gorey. See Gorey’s own illustrations here.

More from film maker Wayland Bell here.

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Eugene the Librarian – Britain’s Got Talent

Time 3:58

A tired stereotype made funny by full-time dentist and part-time poet comedian Adam Gitlin.

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